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Promotional Video Production Services In UK

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What is a Promotional Video?

  • I’ve been producing videos for over a decade, helping brands across UK make creative marketing films that captivate audiences. If you’re considering a promotional video, let me provide you some quick context on what they actually are!
  • In short – promotional videos showcase your products, services or business. They emotionally engage viewers, clearly explain your offering, and hopefully compel them to take action after watching, from contacting your sales team to buying straight from your site.
  • The most effective marketing videos don’t feel overly ‘salesy’. Subtlety is key. Animation, interviews, dynamic b-roll and natural sound design ensure high watch time and shares.
  • Based on client goals and audience insights, we determine the best style – from quirky drawn animation for a startup, to an emotional mini-documentary demonstrating a charity’s impact. The sky’s the creative limit!

Benefits of Using a Promotional Video

  • In today’s crowded digital landscape, video sets you apart. Viewers are far more likely to retain information from video compared to text alone.
  • With platforms like YouTube and Facebook prioritising video in feeds and search, you’ll organically reach more of your audience without paying a penny for ads!
  • Videos boost all metrics that matter – traffic, dwell time, social media followers and of course sales. An explainer video alone can provide over 100% ROI long-term through continually generating leads.
  • For one client, a product demo video hosted on their shop page increased add-to-baskets by 19% virtually overnight after launch. The value of video for customer education can’t be overstated!

Types of Promotional Videos

  • When meeting prospects in UK, I’m often asked – “what video style is best for our business?”. The answer is always – “it depends!”.
  • The style should match your goals. Animated videos best simplify complex services through visual metaphors. Talking heads and testimonials sell the credibility of your brand. Cinematic b-roll excites audiences about consumer products launching soon.
  • We’ve produced hundreds of videos for organisations across the UK, from video trailers premiering charity campaigns to quirky cartoon ads dramatising the benefit of business software through a day-in-the-life of a user.
  • Based on your unique objectives, brand personality and audience preferences, I advise on the format with the highest likelihood of success before storyboarding begins.

Working with a Promotional Video Production Company

  • Once you’ve approved the script and storyboard, filming begins! At this stage as the client you can relax – with over 50 shoots under our belt coordinating production crews, presenters and equipment hiring is our forte.
  • We handle everything from location scouting to securing permits for public indoor/outdoor shoots across UK. Filming typically lasts 1-2 days depending on complexity.
  • With initial footage ‘in the can’, editing commences – piecing scenes together, overlaying graphics/animation and laying an impactful musical score over the final cut. We share drafts regularly for your feedback before picture lock.
  • Finally, delivery! We can encode videos for social media, websites, TV or cinema advertising as required, providing MP4 files along with transcoded versions for different formats and dimensions.

Key Factors When Choosing a Video Production Company

  • With countless video agencies to pick from in UK, the options can get overwhelming for brands seeking promotional video services!
  • To help narrow your search, I recommend focusing on a few key evaluation criteria:
  • * Relevant expertise – review their video portfolio and client list. Do they have extensive experience actually producing videos similar to yours, both in style and industry? No two corporate videos are alike so specialty matters.
  • * Production quality – Watch several of their sample videos in full. Assess the camerawork, lighting, editing pace and sound quality. A glossy showreel won’t cut it – you want consistency across entire videos in their portfolio.
  • * Client testimonials – The best indicator of service quality comes straight from past customers. Do testimonials highlight excellent communication, timeliness and professionalism? Great talent means nothing without great account management.
  • * Fair pricing – Coverage offerings and quotes can vary drastically. Compare your options to determine fair market rates – remember that the cheapest video production is rarely the highest quality!

Promotional Video Production Costs

  • In our experience delivering over 500 projects, promotional video production costs tend to range from £2,000 – £10,000+ in the UK region and beyond.
  • The investment varies based on video length, production scale and complexity, animation vs live-action, crew sizes, accessory rentals & more. I’m happy to provide ballpark estimates for your specific video needs after an initial discussion.
  • I suggest all clients allocate 10-20% above initial quotes for contingency – unexpected expenses during filming do occur occasionally. This ensures we can maintain production value without compromise should surprise costs pop up!

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